Nature Of North Cyprus

Nature of North Cyprus

North Cyprus has traditionally been an attraction for beach holidays, partly thanks to its reputation as an unspoiled area. Its mild climate, rich history and nature are seen as sources of attraction. A significant sector of ecotourism has been developed in Northern Cyprus, as tourists visit it for bird watching, cycling, walking and observing flowers in the wild. It is praised for its relative safety, and especially for the Karpass Peninsula, its well-preservation. The peninsula is home to several sorts of tourism: it hosts the Bafra Tourism Area as a center for beach-goers, where four luxurious and large hotels were built until 2014, several facilities and regular festivals that highlight its rural qualities and exhibit local traditions, a remote natural park, the Kantara Castle attracting sightseers, and a marina that was built to host international yachts and boats, along with large facilities.

The Kyrenia Mountains provide one of the best watching spots too, surrounding you with scenery that makes you feel truly lost in nature and at an advantageous perspective to see the birds that swoop through this setting. Kantara castle is not only a fascinating historical sight but it also offers the chance to catch a glimpse of birds such as the charismatically named spectacled warbler or resident wheatear. Since 1989 the North Cyprus Society for the Protection of Birds (NCSPB) has worked with other environmental groups such as the local Greenpeace to help protect in particular the few endemic birds in Cyprus. Whether or not you’re interested in bird watching, there’s no doubt that if you have the chance to see just a few of the many that spread their wings across the island you’ll be mesmerized by the views they create and the spark they add to the atmosphere.

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